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Willingness To Try Something New ... the journey

I followed different paths from Engineering to Working In a Music Company to pursuing Radiotherapy before I made the decision to leave all that behind and pursue a life I was not just passionate about, but one that would give me the flexibility I desired to enjoy my ideal family life-style and motherhood. It did not come easy….. I struggled with ditching what was familiar ‘the script’ and embracing the newness that was available to me. 

Having lost both my parents tragically at a very young age, I somewhat felt like the spare wheel that had to push through life, figuring things out for myself as I journeyed along. Without the consistent guidance of a father and mother I often felt abandoned and disjointed, something that was starting to bring turmoil into my life.

Enough was Enough!

I woke up to the realisation that no one was responsible for my happiness but me. No one was to blame for the turmoil I felt but me. It was time to put things in order, not just for me but for my children, my grand children, my family and for those who were looking to me on a daily basis for inspiration. Being average was just no longer an option when Greatness had been on the table all along.


Sneak Peak ... self love

When I’m not coaching, speaking or looking after my clan, I can often be found in the gym working out a sweat.

My interests include travelling, networking, good food and putting together great events.

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Sub Heading personal life

In my personal life I am the wife to a man with the most beautiful soul, Michael. Together we are passionate about marriage and our desire is that our love and commitment to the institute of marriage inspires everyone that we meet either personally or through any of our social media platforms (more info available at www.weatherproofmarriage.com). Our almost 20 year journey has brought with it 2 beautiful girls ages 18 and 12 and a gorgeous little boy who made his grand entrance 18 months ago.

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