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*  Feeling stuck, off-course and unfulfilled?
*  Feeling frustrated because you know you could be doing more?
*  Fed up of going through the motions of life?
*  Desire to do that thing that lights you up?
* Want to create balance to enjoy your ideal lifestyle?
……if so, I can definitely support you through the process!

Discover My Story

Don’t just lie down and allow thing to happen to you, Rise Up and make things happen instead

Born, Study, Get A Job, Get Married, Have Kids…. Then What?

The silent script that dictates our way of life, telling us that the norm is to ‘settle down’. To compromise our wildest dreams and conform to a routine that ‘guarantees’ a secure life style. Only problem is, many tend to hit a roadblock and realise the ‘secure lifestyle’ isn’t so secure after all. That the script is a set of rules that others have set for us and the only way to really be fulfilled in life is to tear away at those blocks and constraints which then allows us to come up with suitable alternatives which are designed to serve us better.

Propelled by my own experience and challenges, it is my Lifes’ Work to help women overcome ‘Mind Blocks’ that may have been consciously or sub-consciously introduced to them by a parent, society or an experience which they then (some where along the lines of what we call life) placed upon themselves. Sometimes we can be buried in so deep that we can no longer recognise who we are. Years of unrealistic expectations or invalidation of a persons emotional experience, can lead to self-doubt. 

There were years when I just felt completely lost and found myself moving with the crowd at the cost of almost losing my very soul. I was tired, exhausted, frustrated and really fed up of the rat race I found myself in. I knew something was terribly wrong but couldn’t pin point what it was. I wanted to more than just be in a job for the sake of the bills. I wanted enjoy to spend more time with my children – I was done with missing the sport’s day, the play, the quiz night….

It took a complete break down of those I heavily leaned on for support and validation for me to wake up to the realisation that I was responsible for carving out my own path. I started thinking, reasoning and digging up those dreams. I realised I could deliver and got to work.

Stepping out to what I thought was the unknown was the hardest step, but once in, I started to see that my space was waiting for me all along. Thanks to my commitment to change and growth, I can now say I live a life that I could only once dream of; one of peace, joy and contentment.

I’m here to let you know that you deserve the same and it would be my honour to support and guide you through your journey.


Take Care of You and everything else will fall into place

Whether you are looking for general guidance or would like to work on a specific goal, our relationship will be shaped in a way that best supports you. I will challenge you to tap into the best version of yourself by helping you to say ‘NO’ to going through the motions of life and say ‘YES’ to those things that ignite the fire within you; those things that only you can do.

Look forward to working with you


Book Grace For Your Event

Grace Oggudah is an energetic and engaging keynote speaker who draws upon her personal wisdom and experience to captivate her audience. She  draws upon her personal wisdom and experience to help. Grace is happy to create a custom half-day or full-day workshop for your group or organisation.

I had a wonderful spiritual encounter with a woman of power.. I went to the event to Network Peak Interest and share my Business but instead God peaked my interest. I was encouraged, uplifted and experienced a great transformation.  -Petal

 Free 3 Step Self-Care Guide for Mums in Business

A Practical Guide in Self-LOVE

One of the challenges I often face as a busy mum running a business is making time for self-care. The reality is that, with everything seeking for our attention, working mamas can easily find that they place themselves at the bottom of the barrel. The end result of years of neglect is you will be less likely to take care of your family and your clients/customers if you are worn out and drained. This guide I hope will give you things to consider as you build your business. The idea is to excel in the home and in the market place. One does not have to sacrificed for the other if we are focused and committed to creating a balanced life-style that we can enjoy for many years to come.

What Others Have to Say ... Client Love

  • Beautiful Workshop

    Beautiful Workshop

    Grace Oggudah led an awesome workshop at a women's conference called: ' Designer Woman'. The workshop was entitled 'The Making of a Diamond'- it was inspiration, informative and life transforming. What resonated with me was the words Grace spoke about passion being an indication to your purpose. All the women till today talk about this workshop, we left the conference empowered, encouraged, educated and edified!
    Thanks so much're a GEM

    Charlene Quaye
    Founder, Diamond Pillar Ministries
  • Amazing Experience

    Amazing Experience

    Coach Grace is very passionate about her mission to transform lives. My encounter with her has pushed me to embrace my calling. She is very supportive and l will recommend her services to anyone who wants to step out and into their greatness.

    Vida Lartey
    CEO, Parents Shield
  • Thank You..

    Thank You..

    I had a great time at "Women Let's Rock" Workshop. I learnt key factors to how I can make 2017 more productive.
    Thank you so much Grace and your husband Michael for this great commission

    Olu Becca salau
    Musician Singer & Songwriter, Garment of Praise
  • Totally Inspired!

    Totally Inspired!

    The workshop was very helpful in terms of helping me realise the limitations I place on myself mentally and the exercises I can do to help improve my mental wellbeing. Thank you Grace!

    Brigitte Graham
    Enterpreneur, Grahams' Inventory
  • Looking Forward to The Next

    Looking Forward to The Next

    The Women Let's Rock 'Foundation of Mind' Workshop was interactive, informative and I have to say the menu was an absolute delight. Well done for bringing women together under one roof to uplift and support each other.

    Taiwo Sokoya
  • Holistic Coaching Approach

    Holistic Coaching Approach

    I am so much more confident about launching my business thanks to Grace's help, support and advice. I loved and valued Grace's holistic approach to coaching me. She was able to completely shift my mindset for the better so that I could take my business to the next level.

    Sonia Michelle Jones

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